Trip to Gibraltar

We have been away in the camper van again and gone to a show at Gibraltar. My daughters were very excited to tell me what they got up to in the rings. Jade won Best Junior on the first day and Charlie won best Junior on the second day.

This is a video of my son, Charlie –

Mum says both qualified for Crufts – I can remember going to Crufts in UK myself so maybe they will go next year…

They all went into the Breeders class and came second and won another cup for Mum and Dad.

Breeders class

There was not much room on the podium…

Charlie is giving his half sister Amber a kiss to tell her how well she has done…

The best bit for me was a swim in the sea when we were travelling back home – we went for a long run on the beach and went swimming and collecting our ball and some sticks – it was great fun!

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La Nucia show

Mum and Dad packed up the camper van and with our next door neighbours we went to La Nucia for a dog show. Amber and I stayed in the camper while the others did the showing…Amber was a bit put out that she didn´t get to go in the ring but Ruby, Charlie and Jade kept the side up! I didn´t care as it gave me some time to have a little sleep in peace…

They won two large cups and some dog food so everyone was very happy. We travelled back home and Mum says we are now going to Gibraltar – I´m not sure when but I am keeping an eye on the camper and Mum and Dad to make sure they take me and all the girls…they are not going without me!

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Celebrating Charlie & Jade´s first birthday

Mum and Dad took me, the girls and Charlie to a great park to celebrate Charlie & Jade´s first birthday. We all went in the cars and Lyndis and Chris also had Auntie Norma and Uncle Pete with them. We had a game of running after the tennis ball first with Chris throwing the ball with the flingy thing! Then we went to the section which has all the agility bits in it – I remembered it and I think Amber and Ruby did too as they went in the tunnel and up the dogwalk without any problems.

Megan in the tunnel

This is me showing my daughters and son how to go through the tunnel.

Jade in the tunnel

Charlie in tunnel

This is Jade and Charlie coming out of the tunnel when they knew what to do…

Amber on dogwalk

Charlie & Jade on dogwalk

Charlie & Ruby on dogwalk

Jade on dogwalk



Amber on the dogwalk helped by Chris…





Charlie & Jade doing the dogwalk…




Charlie & Ruby doing it on their own!





Jade being helped by Mum, Chris and Lyndis


With help from Mum, Dad, Chris and Lyndis both Jade and Charlie got the idea of the dogwalk in the end!

Mike showing Jade how to jump the hurdles


Dad showed Jade how to jump the hurdles – great jump Dad!




Amber jumping the hurdles



Amber jumping the hurdles – she hadn´t forgotten how to do this…



I was very proud of my daughters and son as they all got the idea quickly. We really were tired in the end though and Dad took a photo of us all…we then had a picnic on the grass and went home tired but very happy…a good birthday treat for Jade and Charlie (and the rest of us!)

Gos Parc group

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Enjoying the swimming pool

Last week Paul and Emma came to stay and me and my daughters really enjoyed swimming around in the pool as it is so hot at the moment.

I did have to supervise things from the edge of the pool sometimes…

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My 8th birthday…

Hi this is me on my 8th birthday in the garden –

Megan 8 years young

I think I look pretty good for a veteran, don´t you!

I can still run around the garden barking at all the birds and the cats, I can still try to climb up in the olive tree (actually I can´t do that any more really!) I can still go swimming in the pool and fetch my yellow duck (although Amber and Ruby can beat me in a swimming race)

I can still scent the dummy when Mum hides it in the garden and get their first and I can still go for my runs in the field and find the tennis ball if the girls lose it – what more can a dog who is 8 years young want in life!

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Madrid dog show and El Pardo

Me and all my girls and Charlie went to Madrid for a dog show. We all had a good time in the camper van but on the day of the show I had to stay there while my girls went in as Mum said  “I´m retired” whatever that is…mind you I got to have a lovely sleep in the van before they came back. My daughters did well with Amber being made up into a Spanish Champion, Ruby getting an Excellent and Jade and Charlie both getting MB (which is the most they can get in the Puppy class) Charlie went Best Puppy. The two girls Amber and Ruby and my other daughter Belle went in for the Lote de Cria (Breeders class) and got a 3rd place which was very good considering the standard of the dogs. Mum got a cup and was very pleased…

The best bit for me was when we went the next day to El Pardo near Madrid and met up with my other daughter Rosa who I hadn´t seen since she left us. We had a lovely time with her and her Mum and Dad (Carmen and Justin) and their daughter Beibhinn and also their two red and whites, Sally and Daire. I haven´t seen red and whites for a long time! I did lots of hunting but unfortunately did find any nice fox´s poo to roll in but I was looking…we ran and ran and ran and it was great fun but I was very tired when we had finished and sleep for ages afterwards!

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Trip to Barcelona

We have been away again in the camper and visiting all of the family in Barcelona. The family came together to celebrate Mum´s birthday (whatever that is!) and I saw all of my old friends – Chris, Alex, Paul, Emma, Gavin, Cris and young Ian.

They all had fun in the indoor swimming pool, hot tub and they played table tennis, pool and generally had a good time! The best bit for me was when we were travelling home and Mum and Dad found a beach where me and my daughters could swim and chase after the tennis ball – my favourite pastime!

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