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Puppies are here!

My puppies have arrived and I am exhausted. I was panting a lot like last time and my first puppy arrived at 6.00 am in the morning. It was OK as Mum was sleeping in the bed next to mine … Continue reading

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X-ray today…

Mum and Dad took me to the vet´s today to get an x-ray to find out how many puppies I am having. The vet says that I am having 5 puppies – take a look at the x-ray below – … Continue reading

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Only 10 days to go!

I can feel my puppies kicking me a lot inside my tummy now. Mum says that it won´t be long until my puppies are born…I must admit I will be glad when it´s over as I am feeling too fat … Continue reading

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Hot and bothered!

It has been very hot here lately…Dad says it´s in the top 30´s whatever that means. I am getting fatter and fatter and like to sit under the fan or the air conditioning. We do go into the pool in … Continue reading

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