6th Birthday…

I am very happy to say that my first babies are now 6 years old! Amber and Ruby are still living with us, Millie lives with Chris, Alex and baby Florence; Belle lives with Astrid and Udo; Rocco lives with Charmaine and Andy and Rosa lives in Argentina with Carmen and Justin.

I still remember young Dora who was killed at such a young age – I am so sad still about this…

Puppies 5 Weeks 049

I am now eleven years old and have gone a bit deaf (well a lot deaf really…) and Mum and Dad have to give me hand signals to tell me what to do. I am getting very clever with the signals and now know them all so it isn’t too bad!

Happy birthday to all my babies!

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My daughter Jade has had puppies!

I am so pleased that my daughter Jade has had her puppies and I am a Grandma again!  I want to go into her room to see the pups but Mum and Dad won´t let me but I can hear the sounds of them and can´t wait to see them.

Mum says that she is posting photos of them on the other blog – www.cormallengundogs.wordpress.com for people to see.

but I can´t see on a computer!!! oh well I will just have to wait until Mum and Dad let me have a proper look…

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I am going to be a Grandma again!

My daughter Jade – INT CH Cormallen Jade is expecting puppies in December and the Dad is my grandson JCH Cormallen Storm. She is getting very big and we are waiting to see how many puppies she will have!

Mum has put full details including the pedigree onto the website and if you are interested in a puppy then please talk to Mum on julia@cormallen.co.uk

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4th Birthday today…

I cannot believe that my babies are now 4 years old! This is a photo of them at 5 weeks old playing in the garden – doesn´t time fly by…

Puppies 5 Weeks 049

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughters Amber, Ruby, Rosa and Belle and not forgetting Millie and Rocco in UK and RIP darling Dora!

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I am a Grandma…

Amber´s puppies were born on Saturday morning and I am so happy as I am a Grandma…I want to go into the room and lick the puppies all over but Mum won´t let me and Amber has growled at me (which she never does!) so it looks like I am going to have to wait a while for Mum, Dad and Amber to let me see them.

I can hear them squeaking and it is such a nice sound – I remember this sound when I had puppies too…

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A walk in the Spanish sunshine…16th November 2014

Dad and Mum took us for a lovely walk today and Dad took some photos as my daughter Amber is getting very fat. I am sure it will be very soon when she has the puppies and I am a Grandma – I can´t wait to see her puppies!

The photos are on the other blog – www. cormallengundogs.wordpress.com


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Update 2013/2014

I am sorry everyone that I have not been on line recently but Mum and Dad have been very busy and haven´t had time to write to you all….we have had a busy year with all of us going to the UK for Crufts in March and also going to visit the family.

My daughters and son did very well at Crufts with Jade winning a 5th place in Special Yearling Bitch, Charlie winning 5th place in Special Yearling Dog and 4th place in Good Citizens and my older daughter Amber winning 5th place in Open Bitch, which was very good as there were some lovely bitches in the Open Class.

Now my exciting news is that I am going to be a Grandma!! Amber is pregnant and due to have puppies at the end of next week. Dad has made my whelping box and put it into the spare room for her and she has grown very fat (not that I can talk…) I will let you all know how she gets on…



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